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We Crushed it.. Drop The Mic

October 14, 2022
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Good Morning we absolutely crushed it. We booked huge profits from the free Twitter picks up a little over 64% in just the last 30 days. The Premium members killed it as well. We called it out last night, we thought we would hit our downside projection of SPY $348-$349 Zone and bounce hard. We had some members make over 6 figures today from my Short Calls yesterday afternoon on NVDA, META and the major home run on LRCX. we had a buy signal emailed and sent through text to premium members at $304.55 and rode 1000 shares up to $$335.75 for roughly 30 points or 30k today. Congrats to all the members including any one watching on our Twitter feed but haven’t followed yet. When you feel comfortable enough, we would love to see you join. Theres a lot more you can learn by becoming a premium member and our objective is to reach as many people as possible so we can help you stay afloat and beat inflation. Most of our members look to make just an extra $800-$1,200 bucks a week just following our Alerts. We are running a 50% off sale for the next two weeks. We only have 12 spots left, and then enrollment will close until first Quarter 2023. Theres no risk to you. We guarantee that we will produce a minimum of 45% in profits in 12 months after you subscribe or we pay you $100 bucks and a free Lifetime subscription.

Back to work. Spy gaped down to the zone we were looking for and we covered all shorts by about 9:45 and went long 3000 NVDA at 109.79.

We are still in a down trend and anticipate that this counter trend rally will end pretty quickly and
we will make new lows at some point in the near future.

Upside Resistance: $369, $370,$374 and if the bulls can get over $374 we could make it to our price target of SPY $ 376

Support: $357, 355 and our Downside target of Spy $350


Twitter: @MoneyMagicians_

This Mornings Full tweet, sorry things were crazy.

Date 10/13/22
Time 9:51 am

Good Morning,

We hit it big today. with the inflation numbers coming in Hot as we expected.
we shorted 3,000 Meta At $127.47 and 2,000 NVDA at $115.01 towards the end of the day yesterday.
We covered Meta at 122.95 for an approximate profit of 15,155 and we covered NVDA at 108.95 for an approximate profit of $12,200. We just went long 3000 NVDA at 109.95 We literally helped Tens of Thousand of people, from our loyal members to the free calls I have been giving away for the past 15 Months on Twitter. Congrats to all that followed.
The first email I got after we covered this morning was from– Phill L- Mill Valley Ca.
Cheers and congrats. We did it. up over 60% this month alone.

Check out our website and twitter account for all calls. www.The Money magicians.com
Twitter @MoneyMagicians_



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