Hot Inflation… No Surprise Welcome To Capitulation And A Bounce! And We Took Over $27,100 In profits today!!

October 13, 2022
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Date 10/13/22
Time 9:51 am

Good Morning,

We hit it big today. with the inflation numbers coming in Hot as we expected.
we shorted 3,000 Meta At $127.47 and 2,000 NVDA at $115.01 towards the end of the day yesterday.
We covered Meta at 122.95 for an approximate profit of 15,155 and we covered NVDA at 108.95 for an approximate profit of $12,200. We just went long 3000 NVDA at 109.95 We literally helped Tens of Thousand of people, from our loyal members to the free calls I have been giving away for the past 15 Months on Twitter. Congrats to all that followed.
The first email I got after we covered this morning was from– Phill L- Mill Valley Ca.
Cheers and congrats. We did it. up over 60% this month alone.

Check out our website and twitter account for all calls. www.The Money
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