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About Us

Learn more about The Money Magicians and Pro Trader G. Allan Collins. For over Three Decades, one of the most prolific swing traders has been crushing the market. G. Allan Does it time and time again. In Both up and Down markets

The Money Magician’s Swing Trader AI Service is simple and easy-to-use And Comes with an Offer You Can’t Refuse

Once our ACE Algorithm shines a light into the “Dark Pool” and as soon as ACE scopes out large transactions being executed in the Dark Pool, confirms, the chart pattern is consistent with those with a minimum of 95%+ win rate, you are notified in a second. We have done extensive technical work on Patterns, in combination with AI and computer learning, because our members are putting their hard-earned money to work and they demand the highest probability of making the biggest percentage gains possible.

Situations like NVDA that we shorted recently and just handed members a 25+ Point profit in less than10 trading days and that was after we made 150 points over the laast 120 days. The best part is you don’t have to pay huge commissions or give up 10%-20% of your gains to a hedge fund in FEES. For just .99 Cents a DAY, you get 3-5 Swing Trade Setups for the week ahead. The instructions are very simple and easy to follow. You will also have V.I,P. access to all of G. Allans posts throughout the day!

I am also throwing in my Free E-book-“Swing Trading 2002” and UNLIMITED Buy And Sell Signals per year for only .99 Cents a day or only $39.99 per month. You will now have access to the most prolific Stock Market trading system. With an Industry First Guarantee Plus. If we do not produce a Minimum 45% Return In 12 Months after you sign up , WE PAY You $100 and give you a lifetime Subscription. This is Truly An offer You Can’t Refuse. Hit That Subscribe button and Get out your wallet, sign up and get ready to climb on my back. I will Take You To The Top!

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Trading Plans

Make Big Money In The Markets Just Like The Wall Street “Insiders” Do. But Without Their Headaches and Hassles. Stop speculating about where the price is going and follow the smart money. With Our Dark Pool Illuminator We Turn The Lights on in the “Dark Pool” with our algorithms and smart bots tracking down Large Block Orders And Options Sweeps. We track it all. We will only alert you with trades that have the highest probability of working out. We will always make sure you know exactly when to sell before you even buy. In order to maximize profits. You need a game plan before you enter any trade. The only trade alerts you receive will be confirmed with our chart pattern recognition software-We don’t waste time getting your account in the Green.We only send  Buy and Sell signals of the patterns that have worked out a minimum of 95% of the time,,.All alerts are complete with clear instructions written out clearly Each signal we send will include Mr. Collins’s Swing Trade BluePrint, which includes an exact buy price, profit targets, and a stop-loss price to manage risk. All Based on our Algo’s that are up over 360% in 2022

The Market Moves Fast

We Get The Info To You Fast. When the market trend changes, we will notify you immediately. Swing Traders can make money in any environment. Up. Down or Sideways! Think of The Money Magicians as your personal Stock Market Assistant. When anything significant occurs in the market, you have the opportunity with our Unique Approach to see what the Smart Money Is Doing. With our market alerts you will be investing alongside the Wall Street “Smart Money” Institutions and Hedge Funds. The most important thing for you to know is we always have your back. Timing is literally everything in the market and with The Money Magicians Swing Trade Service we will guide you in and out of the market quickly and leave you with a smile on your face, a higher net worth, which leads to more positive thoughts, increases your confidence and an overall Enjoyment of Living. Get Started Today With No DelayDownload my Free E-book. Swing Trading 2022. There’s absolutely no risk to you, it’s completely free, and the information provided for free in my book has helped thousands of Investors learn our Simple, Unique and extremely profitable program email us at info@themoneymagicians.com

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Recent Buy Signals From The G. Allan Bot

3/20/23 Bought 500 TSLA At $180.05
7/19/24. Sold 500 TSLA At $299.10
Percentage Gain 66.10%
Profit 119 Points. +$59,525.72


3/2/23 Bought 500 NVDA At $227.19
7/16/23 Sold 500 NVDA AT $468.10
Percentage Gain 106%
Profit 240.91 +$122,864.23


Our ACE Indicator which is an Algorithm that tracks smart money transactions in the stock and options markets has produced returns in excess of 585% on numerous occasions.


Most traders, I see, don’t realize it, but they’re on a suicide mission. They’re bravely marching to their Financial Doom, thinking they can go head-to-head with the big boys on Wall Street. But you can’t, unless you have a similar or BETTER tool to level the playing field with the Wall Street “Insiders” and Hedge Funds.. The Money Magicians Members are crushing this Market and you can too.


Because you’re not the customer – you’re the product. Firms like E*Trade, IAB and Robin Hood sell your trade to the highest bidder. The highest bidder’s traders use supercomputers to front-run your trade, taking a nice chunk of your profits. And it all happens in Dark Pools, they don’t want you to see or know whats really going on. You can’t go head-to-head with that kind of machine. without the same tools. We provide you with the Game Plan And Guide You With Text Message & Browser Alerts Every Step of The Way Never miss an Unusual or Highly Unusual signal again!

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pexels anna nekrashevich 6802049 scaled e1662408878509