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Swing Trading Alerts With A Market Crushing 95% Win Rate!

G. Allan Collins Has The Magic Touch… Showing Members Over 340% in 2022 and he just closed out the first Quarter, showing Private Club Members 29.257%  so far in 2023 compared to the S&P 500 First Quarter return of  7.5% 

Mr. Allan is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author on Personal Finance & Swing Trading. He previously traded for one of the the top Performing hedge funds in Geneva Switzerland and brings members tremendous value by sharing over Three Decades of his knowledge and experience. He Teaches Little Known Wall Street secrets, that they just don’t teach at Harvard, Yale or Wharton school of business. The reason is simple…… because G. Allan Collins created them, along with his Proprietary Algorithm’s that find Hidden Institutional buying & Selling in the Dark Pool. Our Algorithm’s catch them quicker than any of our competitors. Then our proprietary AI software automatically scans, confirms and sends the alert instantly to all members. we use the most up to date systems and we are the fastest Dark Pool AI service available. Other companies give you their software that you run on a regular speed network on your home computer or MackBook…by the time you get the ALERT, the stock has moved.
We use the Fastest Equipment Available on the market today And our ALERTS are sent to you directly from our Proprietary network, we do all the heavy lifting and make sure you get it faster than anyone in this business possibly can. The system is so good that many times we are selling to our competitors after they get their ALERT. You have to try it…. Believe me it’s FUN!! AND RISK FREE WITH OUR 100% MO

If you are not familiar with The Dark Pool, then grab a free copy of G.Allans Best Seller “Swing trading 2022”  . G. Allan explains the Dark Pool and a-lot of other tricks that he uses to Crush The Market. In His NEW Book, which is a free gift that you will receive today when you hit the Get The Edge Button below. In the free book, G. Allan explains The Dark Pool and a whole lot more. In his weekly webinars he discusses…. “The Edge” regularly. Competitors Tried Suing, Claiming His Dark Pool Edge Gives His Members “An Unfair Advantage” The Judge just laughed!!!

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This will be the last time the public will get a chance to get in. We are only allowed to have 500,000 Members for this specific fund program according to the rules, “otherwise I would love to give everyone access to My Swing Trader AI Buy/Sell alerts” Swing trader AI is based on G. Allan Collins’ Award Winning Work” Mr. Collins. is an Amazon Best Selling Author and Top Swing Trader, who made good on his promise in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and so far in 2023 to produce a minimum 45% return for private club members in 12 months. All members that followed G. Allan Collins Buy/Sell Alerts, in 2022 showing  members a ridiculous 360.15% Members  just saw 15.35% over the last 30 days! (as of 5/11/23)


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Mr. Collins was the top trader at one of the largest institutional firms in In Switzerland. Known for his Dark Pool Algorithms and his previous best year in which he showed his members and audited 312% return in one Year
The Money Magicians Crew made over 340% in 2023  “G. Allan suggested members sell positions and go short NFLX, NVDA and FB.” 2 days before the Nasdaq collapsed. Recently He Called the 2023 Financial crisis, telling members to short The Regional Banks his first short for 2023 was Charles Schwab at $79.124 it’s now trading at $44 up 39% already.

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Mr. Collins was the top trader at one of the largest institutional firms in In Switzerland. Known for his Dark Pool Algorithms and his previous best year in which he showed his members and audited 312% return in one Year
The Money Magicians Crew were up over 340% after fees for 2022. “G. Allan suggested all members sell long positions and go short NFLX, NVDA and FB.” in early 2022 before they collapsed and he is Crushing the market in 2023. Take a look at what Private Club Members think about Mr G. below.


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G. AllanCollins and The Money Magicians changed the game forever. Being the first company ever to do the market scans for you  and immediately notify you in only one second, so for the first time ever you have THE EDGE that professional traders covet. Now you can have the power of alerts at your fingertips, and join our traders that are crushing this market daily.  Whether you are new to trading or experienced and looking for the best trading advantage, become a member and get instant access now


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