Will The Santa Clause Rally Continue

December 27, 2022
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Good Morning, The Santa Rally started on Friday right on time and most of the talking heads are very bullish which is definitely not a positive Let’s Keep it simple. If we trade below $378 on high volume we will most likely trade down to the previous lows..If that were to occur and we don’t bounce from there then we will be on to new lows. We have resistance at the same levels as Friday. If we break $400 to the upside we could run back to $410. We have a few economic reports this week and there is very low volume So we are at the market makers mercy which is not a place you want to be We covered all shorts on Friday and took over 49K in profits on our shorts. We closed out the year showing 395.23% and will start trading again after the new year.

Cheers. See you next year!

G. Allan Colli ns



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