Rejected Again

November 9, 2022
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Good Evening,I hope everyone had a great trading day. Spy got rejected from the 50 Day 

Moving average and it looks like we are headed to retest the lows. As I 

continue to say, we are in a nasty downtrend and it looks like we are headed a lot lower. 

                                            Sell Every Rally

And please do not get too extended on margin. Always leave some dry 

powder to average in at the top of the range. The bears are in control

as I mentioned last night. The CPI Data is coming out tomorrow and we

will see a Major move one way or the other, for sure. We Took profits in
our Free Twitter Portfolio which is now up a little bit more than 355%

for those agressive traders like Bobbyhitme1 that thanked us for all

the free advice and wanted everyone to know he had 100 of the NVDA

November $122 puts from our options portfolio recommendation last week 

and they moved over 125% in one day. It pays to get our options picks.

If you are interested in our Option Portfolio called “Give Me Alpha”

Please Call 1-844-Swingtrade thats 1-844-794-6487

Resistance- SPY $385 and then SPY $390

Support $365, the lows at $358 and our price target of $350


G. Allan Collins



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